The Anthropocene era

An epitaph to man's hedonistic stupidity


 END GAME (In denial)

      Your Life


       Your Planet


         Your Children's Inheritance



  To save the world requires faith and courage:

Faith in reason and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true.





  Do you think you know what global warming really means? Are you quite sure you understand the greenhouse effect and what is about to happen very soon? Do you even care, or is your rationale ‘not in my lifetime, too far away to worry about’?

"It is time to wake up to the reality of the situation"....Cuger Brant


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  There are six and a half billion people on this planet, all wanting to light a fire....Cuger Brant. 

   What lights your fire? A blackberry, playstation, car, plasma tv, Jetting around the world?

When the Arctic (our air conditioning unit), suddenly disappears one hot summer. And the Perma-frost starts to rapidly thaw out. Before the IPPC can say "I told you so", the release of methane hydrates together with CO2 will have started an exponential chain of events that will put the effect of man made CO2 emissions in the shade.  

Methane Hydrates

The exponential time bomb for the human race

The X Factor?


Climate Change Summits

 The problem is; everyone  wants to protect their own interests.

Your education!

The Polar Bears

Does anyone read my site?

I am not writing this site  as an object in maybe or might be! It really will be!!....

Example of a self preservationist ostrich!

TIMID RABBITS (read the last sentence) saddo's

And another!....

Sort of sticks in the throat as a self preservationist Royal Society and non- commitment, What!


The psychology of denial