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The county of Cumbria in England was hit by a one in a thousand year phenomenon, according to the ‘experts’.  These ‘Events’ are becoming increasingly common are they not?



  Cockermouth and Bocastle etc are just gentle signs compared to what is ahead of us.  When I say 'us', I do mean you and me, as well as our children.  This thing is going to get rapidly worse (in our time) before any of you hear the wake up call!  Then, you will all stand up and reconsider your values! 

  Just what do you think all those countries that export food to us are going to do when they feel the consequences I have mentioned?  Still export their meager food supply to us?  You had better wake up people.


  I have not even mentioned the European landmass and its floods and heat waves over the recent years.  Ask yourself; “is this normal or does Climate Change play a part in these one in a thousand year events?”All that media hype that we will be enjoying Mediterranean type weather and be able to grow olives, dates, etc,  and sunbath more are pure fantasy.   

  The reality is before you!  In truth, there will be crop and livestock damage from tropical diseases and pests. There will be long periods of heat waves and drought causing large scale mortalities on the sick, old and vulnerable.


If, for a minute you think this is all apocalyptic scaremongering, you really had better get up to speck on what the' intelligentsia' are preparing for...i,e, your local and national governments.  

Your way of life, your children’s way of life, are in for a nasty shock!

  After reading all in this site, sitting at your safe, warm, cosy desk, you probably have come to the conclusion that I am a hair brained, doom monger.   

  Well, my purpose is not to spend my time prophesying the end of humanity.   

  Neither is it having the chance to say ‘I told you so’. 

  My purpose is to forewarn you, to make you see what ‘IS, your future’ unless YOU make a stand.

  If not, you will be just a casualty statistic on some international data base, along with a few drowning cities and minor 'Island nation states' put together by the United Nations as they try and fathom out this dilemma...


  Mind you, by then they may very well have moved their headquarters from New York to higher ground!

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