Gullibility, naivity and greed











Take a look at these photographs. Take time to reflect on them for a moment.


They were taken by me several years ago in the county of Kent, England, when I was ‘tipped off’ that an illegal tyre dumping operation was in progress. I arrived early on a frosty morning in late November and felt so saddened by what I saw.

The ‘scallywag’ responsible was taking used, worn out tyres from anyone and everyone (both businesses and private) charging them £1.00 a time. He was doing this because the going rate to dispose of a tyre legally was £3.00. He had no costs whatsoever. Good, sound business?

Again, the point I am making is that when it comes to money, the environment goes out of the window. By the way, the other picture on this site shows the result of a panic stricken land owner, when served a notice to remove this ‘danger to the environment’ by a not ‘too forward thinking’ environmental enforcement officer, a university graduate with a keen, fresh intent on saving the planet, who was employed and trained by a local authority.

I really think he forgot to calculate the monetary cost the landowner would have to endure against the landowner’s environmental conscience. Consequently, this risk to the environment would cost him a lot of money ‘to save the planet’. It would be the victim of some nasty arsonist of whom the landowner had no knowledge.


I showed the 'Fire' photograph to my very young son, who could not comprehend how someone could do such a thing, let alone ‘law abiding’ businesses being implicated. Children have a keen sense of what is right and what is wrong. They also have a severe sense of justice. After all, we instil it in them from a young age, do we not?

Knowing he is very aware of global warming and the consequences, I asked him, “What do you think should happen to the person who did this?” He replied straightaway, “He should be killed, Dad!" The problem is that children do not have the compassion that we have. Then the thought hit me. There will come a day when the ecosystem and weather patterns are in dire conflict, one day when humanity’s very existence is at stake. On that day there will be no compassion for the likes of this ‘scallywag’. In that ‘not too distant’ future, it may well be pondered by suffering humanity as to why he was not killed!


 These pictures show the real attitude of people, their ignorance of the situation and the consequences we are facing. Most people have no idea about the ramifications of their life styles, habits and superficial needs on the planet’s ecosystem.

  "There will come a day when the inaction you decide upon today may very well be your children’s suffering tomorrow. There may very well come a day when your children will not remember you with fond memories. They may very well remember you as the most selfish generation that ever lived on the planet, the generation that was so informed, so educated, and so aware of the consequences of their way of life, but did nothing. The generation that abused, used, spoiled, destroyed. The generation that lived for their immediate, hedonistic pleasure and greed." Cuger Brant.


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