What is in a Number?




  Your Life

     Your Planet

         Your Children's Inheritance


To save the world requires faith and courage:

Faith in reason and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true.



  There is the 350ppm C02 brigade, who wants C02 leveled out at this stage (long gone). There is the 450ppm C02 brigade, who say, that peak is our best bet.


  There is even the 550ppm C02 brigade, who believes that figure is OK. However. if you really want to be fixated on a number, first read the following quotes:


  "We understand the gravity of the climate threat. We are determined to act. And we will meet our responsibility to future generations." Barack Obama,


 "We are going to over-achieve our Kyoto targets." Stavros Dimas, EU environment commissioner,


  "Internationally legally binding [greenhouse gas] reduction targets are for developed countries and developed countries alone." Jairam Ramesh, India's environment minister,


  "We think developing countries are also required to make an effort to reduce greenhouse gases." Yukio Hatoyama Japan's prime minister,


  "We are among the most economically vulnerable countries." Mohammad S. Al Sabban, Saudi Arabia's lead negotiator,


  "Developed countries should support developing countries in tackling climate change." Chinese President Hu Jintao,


Note:  Re-read the words highlighted and re-read the passages with a view of clarity and honesty of mind and without the naivety of trust. Then put them in a group and ask yourself, “What are they really saying?”

  If I chose a number it would be 45. Why? Because that is the angle on any graph on Climate Change you care to choose, showing the increase in C02 emissions since the Industrial Revolution.


It is also the number of degrees centigrade we had better get used to as the norm on ‘Hot’ sunny days, in our lifetime! 


  People, this is precisely why YOU need to make a noise and be heard, because politicians and World leaders will not!


The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development 1992:



  Principle 15: In order to protect the environment, the precautionary approach should be widely applied by States according to their capabilities. Where there are threats of irreversible damage, lack of full scientific certainty shall not be used as a reason for postponing cost-effective measures to prevent environmental degradation.





  Principle 3: The right to development must be fulfilled so as to equitably meet the development and environmental needs of present and future generations. 


Ask yourself...All those years ago, all that sincere rhetoric! What has it come to?

For all those doubting thomas's and deceivers for their own interest. Read these two principles set down all those years ago.

Going Up!