Our planet is fast becoming a test tube for new ‘phenomena’ caused by carbon saturation of the atmosphere, of which no amount of computer modeling can predict the consequences....Eminent IPPC scientist.

‘Nature and the elements are in transition. We are too late for debate, we are too late for action, and we have sown the wind, now we must reap the whirlwind.’

The next time you experience a thunderstorm you may well question how big it is and how long it will last. You may even question whether it is the beginning of a chain reaction that triggers something bigger, or something more devastating which heralds a terrible new chapter in the weather patterns and our history as the dominant species on this planet.

A philosophical analogy..


“There are many canaries emerging in the climate change coal mine. The glaciers are perhaps among those making the most noise and it is absolutely essential that everyone sits up and takes notice"....Under Secretary United Nations.

I firmly believe that the climate has is starting to escalate towards a second planetary climatic event (the first being the discovery of the stratospheric ozone layer, ‘the ozone hole’, over Antarctica in 1985). All the carbon credits, all the environmentally friendly products, all the sustainable business practices, etc., will be of no consequence.


This escalation is not be a slow befuddled ‘computer modeling’ predictable event. It is  what I term the ‘Exponential consequence theory’.  It is the consequence and result of the ‘gun firing’, ‘the stepping off from the cliff’ where there is no going back. It does not present itself with a bang but rather a silent, slow whimper of odd events. But when these odd phenomena get more frequent, when it dawns on you something is not quite right, a singular revelation will come to you: too little, too late!

"It will not be like a Hollywood movie. There will be no hero’s or heroines, only victims"...Cuger brant.


 Your Life

     Your Planet

         Your Children's Inheritance

A quote from the near future?



The era of consequences

Which year will be the start of the era of consequences? When will be the beginning of the reaping? The time when everything we have sown, through our vanity, lust and greed over the last hundred and fifty years, will come to fruition?

The Guru