Your Life

  Your Planet

   Your Children's Inheritance








1. Admit to yourself that YOU, are as much of the problem as anyone else.

2. The solution is not to be blinded by ‘commercial speak’. Do not think that a business is selling you something because they care about the planet or Climate Change when they tell you their product is Green, eco-friendly or good for the environment. . They do not care they just want to make money. Think rationally before you buy.


3. Do not be scared of nuclear energy. At the moment it is more necessary than ever.  It serves three purposes. It stops us relying on oil and coal. It stops us relying on foreign energy. It is cleaner than fossil fuel.  And please do not go down the road that it is ‘dangerous’. After all, is not burning oil and coal ‘dangerous’ to the Climate?


4. Do not be put off by apocalyptic prophesies. They are only out of frustration, an indicator or extreme point or example. Rather take notice of the underlining concerns about our future, your children’s future.


5. Taxing everything that moves is not an answer either, rather, taxing at source, to slow down the consumption of oil is more practical. Remember when fuel prices rocketed? I bet you thought first, before jumping into your car to run the kids to school or pop up the shops etc..?

I propose a private use tax, a commercial tax and a business tax.  ie. For private use; you pay top dollar, for business; one step down the scale, for commercial vehicles and utility vehicles; the next step down. All based on a ‘colour code’ system.  It works for agricultural vehicles does it not?


6. Population control. Please do not start thinking human rights, freedom of action or thinking.  The Shoah etc, let me explain this more clearly…..The population of the planet is set to increase rapidly within the next three decades. C02 levels likewise. Even if C02 was not a factor, how many people can this planet sustain without huge consequences to the ecosystem, the natural environment.   Even now we are playing with genetics, agri-systems and livestock  on a scale so vast that something is going to go radically wrong. Does not logic tell us that expansion of our population will increase demands on our already, straining resources? They are not infinite are they!


  For you instantaneously, shocked mortals, rationalise this a little. I am not putting forward culling of the human race, I am not suggesting 'Ethnic' cleansing. I am putting forward, what the Chinese did, limiting the amount of children anyone may have.  


  The problem with this is, the Carbon Offset ideology might kick we get children offsets? I.e. you have no children, you can sell your child offset to the highest bidder?  If your gene pool is known to be a risk I.e. inheriting genetic faults, high cancer risk ect.. Then you are not allowed to have children, if you do, steralisation is the penalty.


  I apologies readers! I apologies, unreservedly.  The last pragraph belongs with those Geo-engineering ‘Experts’ those Carbon Credit stockbrokers. As a writer, i am playing the devils advocate, I was just making a point.


  Remember...When major decisions are warranted on climante change, there are always just two options; the light and the dark.  Always to be considered in these decisions is our most valued resource on the planet...Our children and their future! 




Going Up!