"When it comes to profit,

 the environment goes out of the window"... Cuger Brant.



        Last Chance


 "There are six billion people on this little planet. They all want to light a fire"...Cuger Brant.












Ask your partner, your friends, your children! What hopes have they for the future? I bet the words, new car, I-pod, mobile phone, holiday abroad, exotic meal, plasma TV, will be forefront in the answer before there is any inkling of guilt, any concern, consequence or care of the environment!



"They go on in strange paradox, deciding only to be undecided, resolved only to be irresolute,

adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all powerful to be impotent."

 From Kyoto to Copenhagen.





Not using Plastic Bags will save the planet


The eradication of plastic bags will save nothing, not even a single turtle.


Eco Products help the planet

 The only eco-friendly product is one made of stone.



Green cars benefit the environment


The only ‘Green’ car you will ever see is the one painted that colour.


 Bio Fuels are natural


You tell that to the Orang-utan, the rain forests or the underfed.


We will have Mediterranean type weather


We will have super heat waves, droughts, invasive species and crop diseases.


Bio-fuels will save the planet


In the future we will need every inch of soil for food

production to compensate for worldwide crop failures.



Using 'Green' energy will negate my carbon footprint


In the great scheme of things, it will have no effect whatsoever apart

from easing your conscience when you fly to foreign parts.


 Wind Farms are the way foward


As you need (consistent) wind there are four factors which challenge this:

noise pollution, spinning (back up when there is no wind), costs of

 producing wind turbines, and environmental blight. The amount

 of CO2 emissions a wind turbine can save is a matter of conjecture.


The government is doing all it can to combat Global Warming


The government is doing absolutely nothing in real terms except finding

ways to ‘green’ tax you at every opportunity.



Carbon Credits wil lhelp stop carbon emissions


All carbon credits will do is; make stockbrokers and landowners rich

 and give governments green credibility.