In Denial

In Denial; In the psychological sense, denial is a defense mechanism in which a person, faced with a painful fact, rejects the reality of that fact. They will insist that the fact is not true despite what may be overwhelming and irrefutable evidence.

Climate Change denial; In the hedonistic sense, Climate Change denial is a defense mechanism where people in society will lie or cleverly construct excuses as to why they should do nothing to sever themselves from their comfort zones and well being from their way of life, to the detriment of their offspring.


Example…That tree that I am sitting under is the very reason I am breathing.

It does not bother me when hundreds of thousands of trees are cut down to make way for Eco-oils.  As (apart from letting me run my car with a clear conscience) Eco oils are saving the planet.   

Comments put to me…

1. The graph in your book is provided by the IPCC which is questionable in it's neutrality on the subject (at best).


Answer. No it was not! 

It really was done by my 13 year old son!  After reading lots of graphs he found the common denominator was the 45 degree angle.

Also, what has neutrality got to do with anything?  I am not discussing morality, ethics or religion. I am discussing the consequences of our hedonistic culture.


2. Your temperatures for rising global warming are based on SURFACE temperatures which are easily influenced by the "concrete ‘Islands’ effects of large cities.


Answer. No they are not.

They are based on the mean temperature of the whole surface (including the oceans).


3. This global warming everybody is worried about has been NEUTRALIZED by a drop in the last ten years. This drop is credited to a period of lessening solar activity which we have seen was the mini-ice age which we came out of in the mid 19th century. You can go to other sites to verify this information more thoroughly, but put simply the cause is increased solar activity after coming out of a short ice age...the effect was a period of general warming which some alarmists have tried to turn into a global crisis which is non-existent.


Answer. Please trust me when I say If you believe hard enough, if you search hard enough, you will find sites on the internet to agree with the theory that black is actually white, and water is not actually wet.  But that does not let us off the hook no matter how hard you want to disbelieve that Climate Change is starting now!


4. Why do people say that melting ice causes rise in sea levels? I did an experiment in my local bar, I proved that melting ice does not cause any rise in sea levels. If you put ice cubes in a glass of gin and tonic measure the height of the liquid let the ice melt the level of the liquid in the glass stays the same!


Answer. Well it would!  It would probably even go down if you stood there licking your lips, salivating at it long enough.  Unfortunately the local wine bar is, nor ever was, a very good school to learn from. 

I am not talking about melting ice cubes or even melting ice bergs! If you read carefully, you will see that I am talking about GLACIERS! Those huge thousands of meters thick sheets of ice, running off the land masses.

Take time to look at this (If you are really interested) It will educate your fellows in the bar next time you visit!


Silly ice cube theory done in bar de-bunked by Cuger Brant!!




“Just because you do not want it to happen, does not mean it won’t happen”.

Cuger Brant.

To save the world requires faith and courage:

Faith in reason and courage to proclaim what reason shows to be true.

Out of the woodwork