A game for you to play, and whether you like it or not, you’re in it!




Current status: CO2 @ 380ppm in the atmosphere

Rules of the Game

CO2 @ 400 ppm = unpredictable heat increases = chaotic weather patterns, further increases of atmospheric and, most significantly, oceanic temperatures = acidity due to CO2 saturation and massive increase in oceanic dead zones = mortality of sea creatures = more CO2 production = higher sea temperatures = melting of Hydrates = more CO2 + methane hydrates in atmosphere.


Just follow the rules… White to move first!



     Black King = Methane Hydrates---------------------White King = Stability.

     Black Queen = Rising CO2 + temperatures-------White Queen = Clean absorbing Oceans.

     Black Rook = Ice melt + sea level rise------------White Rook = Clean atmosphere.

     Black Bishop = drought+ famine + disease-------White Bishop = Rain-forests.

     Black Knight = Famine + floods---------------------White Knight = Ice shelves and glaciers.

     Black Pawn = Greed + Irrational thought----------White Pawn = Rational thought and actions.


CHECKMATE of White King = CO2 @ 500ppm = Critical mass---Then its methane all the way! 


Your Life

     Your Planet

         Your Children's Inheritance

Wake up people!

And you thought you cold not play chess!