Is this the beginning of the end?

Is this the stepping off the cliff?

Is this the start of the exponential effect?

Is this the ‘With a whimper’ out goes mankind?


Nature shows its majesty, and we submit to the realisation that we; in comparison, are irrelevant. And you do not even know what is creeping up on you! 


The area of France and Germany put together


Floods, Storms




And Ice


Getting water has come to this?


What did i say about food shortages?

Do you really think that your government can stop the above, remedy the situation?

Do you really think that money could buy you out of it?

Once it really starts we are in it for the long haul, even our children's children.  

As I have stated previously; too little, much, much too late is a sorrowful affair for mankind.

It is a judgement on human vanity, character and hedonistic enterprise that will not be bought off!

Yes, we have our human traits; resilience, perseverance, survival instincts.

But in this case, I feel we will be left with just a vain hope that nature, when unleashed, will calm down before we are extinct!

Just remember this: If a little snow can disrupt your hedonistic pleasures like flying or driving, if a little flood can disrupt your house, if a little drought can cost you a little extra in food prices…What if these ‘little quirks of nature’ lasted ten times as long? What if they were ten times more ferocious?

What would your needful things mean to you then?

They will be, they are coming.

And when they do: both you nor i will be able to do anything... But pray!!!

A windy day?


Brass monkey weather?


 They will come more frequent until even the most stubborn of you will think that something is up with the weather and climate.